Pressure Cooker Perfect Tofu

Close up of Pressure Cooker Tofu on a white plate

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Juicy, flavorful, crispy Pressure Cooker Perfect Tofu that will have you saying the words, “I love Tofu more than chocolate”



For the Tofu

Peanut Sauce


  1. Open tofu package, drain and discard liquid.  Cut the tofu in half so you have a top and bottom piece.  Stack them on top of each other, then slice into 4 equal pieces (see picture above for reference)
  2. Layer the pieces back together into a square block, place inside a freezer safe ziplock bag, then place in the freezer for at least 3 hours (can also store in freezer for several weeks).
  3. To cook tofu, remove it from the ziplock bag and place inside the pressure cooker pot.  Add warm water to just BARELY cover the tofu.
  4. Secure the lid and turn pressure release knob to a sealed position.  Cook at high pressure for 2 minutes.
  5. While tofu is cooking, to a small bowl add all of the peanut sauce ingredients and whisk to combine, adding more coconut milk or water for a thinner consistency.
  6. When pressure cooking is complete, use a quick release.
  7. Scoop tofu from the water with a slotted spoon, keeping it together as much as possible, and place on top of several layers of paper towel.  Lightly press on top of the tofu with more paper towels.  Cut the tofu down the middle 1 or 2 times, depending on how big you want your tofu bites.  (I like to do just 1 cut though the center so I don’t have so many pieces to turn in the skillet)
  8. Place pieces of tofu into a medium size bowl, sprinkle with 1/2 teaspoon salt and toss to distribute.  Sprkinle with 1 tablespoon of cornstarch, toss to coat.  Sprinkle with another tablespoon of cornstarch, toss to coat.  Sprinkle with a final tablespoon of cornstarch and again toss to coat.
  9. Heat a large skillet (about 12 inches) on medium high heat.  Add ghee, canola oil, or coconut oil.  When oil is shimmering and hot, add tofu and brown on all 4 sides, 2-3 minutes.  If pan is going dry, add more ghee or oil.  This step can also be done in 2 batches inside the pressure cooker pot using the brown or saute function.
  10. When tofu is browned all over, use a slotted spoon and place them on a paper towel lined plate.  Eat immediately with a side of peanut sauce for dipping.  The longer they sit, they tend to loose the delicious crispy exterior.


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